Justin Thibert
Ileostomy Approved

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Growing up I was a large kid and loved playing sports! That all changed in November of 1997 when I was floored by Crohn's Disease. I lost 90 pounds, was unable to attend a lot of classes and felt like fainting more than I could count. I didn't actually know that until I finally passed out one day, but now I know the symptoms.
I had a resection in 2003, this was followed by a few good years. By 2010 things were more complicated as I ventured into the world on my own and moved to Toronto. On May 26, 2015, I went all in and had my colon and rectum removed. I am now a permanent ostomate and doing my best to grow and adjust.
I write to help spread awareness, help people understand why I approach life the way I do, and to aide myself. Some times I write to vent out my frustrations, to approach a chronic illness with a certain humour, and point out the other issues that we deal with from social, depression, professional, and just all around frustrations of life.