Question: IVF vs. IBD

I was looking at a online forum regarding IVF vs Crohns/Colitis and one poster had mentioned "Following embryo collection I was put on projesterone suppositories. These carried a warning not to take them if you suffer from inflammatory bowel conditions". Is this true?

Does this mean that the final part of the process (progestertone) can cause you to flare?


Andrea M.

IBD Advocate


The most studied female hormone in IBD is estrogen. There is some literature on the role of estrogen in regulating the immune system in animal models of inflammatory bowel disease, as yet it has not been definitely shown to prevent or cause disease flare. In humans the role of estrogen in IBD is not consistent from multiple studies so no definitive conclusions can be made. In terms of your specific question about progesterone , there is no evidence from well controlled studies that it would be associated with IBD flares. From our experience, patients being treated at infertility centers do not seem to flare more by our observation.


Dr. Yvette Leung


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