Question: IBD and Working out

I tried seeing if there was any medical articles on IBD and working out but I couldn't seem to find any on this site.

I'm not an active gym goer per se but I'm trying to get to the gym to lose some prednisone weight that I haven't seemed able to shake.

I went to the gym (im very out of shape) and did 5 mins on the elliptical and then lifted weights for upper body. About an hour after getting home from the gym, I had to go to the bathroom, quickly.

I don't recall ever "pooping" so much before, it wasn't really diaherra but it wasnt solid either, the disintegrating kind. (sorry if TMI). I did speak with a friend and he said that its normal to flush out toxins from the body after a workout... But I'm wondering if it's anything different for someone who has IBD. I don't have a flare currently but like I said it was so much and truth be known it kind of worried me.

Is there anything I should be concerned or careful with?


Andrea M.

IBD Advocate


I did not realise that a yearly smear was recommended if on AZATHIOPRINE ?? Is this true?



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