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Have been living with Crohns for about 7 years and have been on Pentasa most of that time. I am on the mild end of the spectrum, but have had 4 colonoscopies in that time frame. I have never had a major flare up but when trying to reduce my doseage of pentasa, my Crohns progressed slightly. My specialist would like me to consider Imuran. Wondering what the transition period would be like from one drug to another and if I will see any flare up like symptoms as I switch or if it will be an easy change. Any suggestions/info would be helpful!



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Tracy - ask you GI to prescribe "Olestyr". I cannot tell you how many people with IBD I have told about this wonder treatment that EVERY GI seems to ignore. All of them would rather put all of us on some big pharmaceutical drug (Imuran, Remicade, etc.) - I call them (please smile and forgive the language, lol) "Remicade Wh*%#'s".
Olestyr is just an antidiarrheal med, and not really a medication like the others. It's an orange powder you mix with water and drink. Easy! Tastes "kind of like" orange tang. After a couple of weeks you will actually like it. But MOST can forget the 20 times a day bathroom trips! I have used this for 8 years, through 7 GI's (I have moved cities a lot in that time). My first GI prescribed as he is a teaching doctor on Crohns at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. But EVERY GI i had had since, I have has to ask for it and educate them on Olestyr, They are clueless to it. I know 10 people with Crohn's that I have recommended it to and ALL of them have had 100% success with it and love me for it! I cannot recommend it strongly enough. No, it will not cure Crohn's, but it WILL alleviate that symptom so well! PLEASE....get it! :) I take 2-3 pouches per day, I would die without it. Go to for more information. And Google Olestyr and Crohn's. You WILL be very happy you did. And make sure you don't take one dose per day. Do yourself a favor and do the 2-4 per day, EVERY day. After 8 years, I have experimented with many combinations and this is the best. And best thing....NO SIDE EFFECTS! No dangers. No awful chemicals.

Would love to hear how you make out!



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