Question: Long term prednisone

I have been on prednisone since I was diagnosed at the age of 18, I'm now 47, Is this normal? I've been on Imuran for about 4 months now still taking 5mgs of prednisone but the last time I tried to get off it my Adrenal gland shut right down and I became very sick so my GI is going to see if my body will allow it. I have Avascular Necrosis of both shoulders, elbows right hip both knees and ankles. Both my ankles are fused now. The past week in a half I've had incredible pain in my right buttock down my leg and aches constantly. My doctor thinks it may be my spine or has something to do with my hip. Is there any advice you can give me I live in Ontario Canada and I'm getting frustrated with all of this Thank you


Andrea Nigro Stavinga

Community member


It's difficult to respond to individual cases on this venue. However in general we do want to minimize steroid use in our patients with IBD because of the complications including the ones you have developed on this drug. However after a certain point it may no longer be possible to come off of a low dose of prednisone due to adrenal insufficiency. Your goal should be to continue to work with both your gastroenterologist and enodcrinologist to have you on the most effective and safest treatment possible.


Dr. Brian Bressler


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