Question: Help with a 10-month long flareup

Hi there,

My husband has been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis for almost 10 years now, and he's considered a moderate-severe colitis. He was in remission for about 3 years, and was taking Remicade at this time. Last October he started to flare-up again, it felt mild at first but it has progressively gone worse until now. After a couple of blood tests we discovered Remicade was no longer working. Coincidentally Entyvio just got approved, so we are going on the third infusion next week. Still no improvements whatsoever. We were so desperate for something, so we did go to the doctor two weeks ago, and he prescribed Pred for 30mg for 6 weeks, tapering off one tablet every week. Still nothing. Any help please?


Thanks Brian! Part of my issue is that I really don't trust this doctor anymore because he doesn't seem to be proactive enough to try to help the situation. Do you find that Entyvio will be able to help someone out of a flare, or is it more a maintenance medicine?



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Hi Karla,

It may take Entyvio a little longer to work. Would certainly touch base with his doctor to make sure it is safe to continue on current plan, but expect it may take three infusions until it starts to work.

I hope it works for your husband.


Dr. Bressler

For your follow up question at the bottom, Entyvio can work both to get patients into remission (out of a flare) and then to keep patients well.


Dr. Brian Bressler


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