Question: Medications after Colonectomy

I had my colon and rectum removed on May 26. Before that I was on Humira (I haven't been able to take it because of infections since the surgery), but my levels were low in one test and "nil" in another. Clearly it was not helping my Crohn's. I was on Remicade from 2005 to 2011, they are worried I have the antibodies and it would not be effective either. Since I have no colon, Entyvio is not a likely option as I believe it helps primarily the large bowel. My surgeon classified my disease as Crohn's Colitis, located in colon only. So what is my next medication if required? My GI and I discussed, but it seemed to be "old" therapies, like Imuran, 5-ASA, and moderate prednisone.
Any other suggestions? Anything on the horizon in Canada to be approved?


Justin Thibert

Ileostomy Approved


Therapeutic drug monitoring could help understand the optimal dose of biologics. A low Humira level could suggest a higher dose of this drug maybe more helpful. We don't anticipate any new drugs for IBD coming to Canada in the next 1 year.


Dr. Brian Bressler


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