Question: NSAIDS/Anti-inflammatory drugs & UC

I went to the hospital yesterday when I was having trouble breathing and my chest was hurting. I found out that it was due to costochondritis.

He suggested I take some anti-inflammatory drugs to ease the pain and I said I wasn't sure if I was to take anti-inflammatory/NSAIDs because I have UC because I had read on the bottle a long time ago not to use if you have IBD. He looked it up and said "only if the disease is active". I did tell him I didn't feel comfortable taking them but was hoping someone could clarify if I can indeed take NSAIDs for this pain as long as my disease is not active?

I'm currently controlled as far as I know and working on the symptomatic side of things through diet.


Andrea M.

IBD Advocate


There is some data to suggest using NSAIDS could lead to a flare, however taking a few is probably ok. I would suggest talking to your Gastroenterologist about this choice of therapy


Dr. Brian Bressler


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