Question: Can onset of non-GI autoimmune disease correlate with developing an IBD?

I continue to wait to have new scopes done for my increasingly severe GI issues (the doctor I'm getting a second opinion with is skeptical I have developed IBD, but to my relief agreed to do a full workup), and in the meantime I just got diagnosed with "probable" Sjogren's Syndrome ("definite" diagnosis pending more tests). It's a connective tissue disease/systemic autoimmune rheumatic disease (a cousin to Lupus) that causes severe mucus membrane dryness, and can affect the GI tract as well as other organs. My symptoms for it developed over the past 2 years (especially the last 8 months), which has coincided with my worsened GI issues (especially severe rectal pain + inflammation, and diarrhea, and I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis last year as well).

I was wondering if you know anything about onset of non-GI autoimmune diseases/CTD's/SARD's increasing the likeliness of developing inflammatory bowel conditions - I've tried to do some research on it, but couldn't find much info on the correlation of the two. Thanks!



this is the new normal


I have had an ileostomy since the age of 15 due to U.C. I will forever be grateful not to have that horrific pain anymore,



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