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I have moderate to severe UC and IBS-C. I am on Humira and azo for my UC and in remission. I went on the Low FODMAP Diet for my IBS-C symptoms and experienced great relief. However, I just had my first child 3 months ago and have begun to have vasovagal episodes almost every time I have a BM. I have had these episodes on and off for a decade, but now it feels like it is taking over my life. My doctor just sort of shrugged his shoulders in response to my symptoms. Has anyone had any experience with this or have any good information on this. I cannot find any studies about vasovagal episodes that explain anything. Looking for info, experiences, anything to understand what is happening, thanks.



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You are right, vasovagal episodes in the setting of UC and your therapy is certainly not something to my knowledge that's been reported on in the scientific literature. I do not believe your vasovagal episodes have anything to do with UC and your treatment. However we do hear of patients in general (i.e. not with IBD) having vasovagal episodes while they are "bearing down". Are you having to "bear down" more and struggle more with your bowel movements to get them out since child birth? I would recommend that you follow up with your GI physician regarding this. If its a case that you are having to "push" a lot to get the stool out , there are managment strategies for that.


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