Question: modulen ibd nutrition drink and inflamation?

Biologics and medicines like Imuran and methotrexate target the immune response of ibd. Is it possible while taking biologics for instance, one can respond well and have no symptoms but still have inflammation? Can enteral nutrition such as modulen ibd be used to treat the inflammation while on a biologic? Or is an immunologic drug considered effective only if there is little or no inflammation? Basically, is immune response and inflammation exclusive to one another and therefore, enteral nutrition can treat the inflammation (scarring) for instance? Are all ibd autoimmune? Can enteral nutrition between flares be a treatment option without immunologic? Is Omega 3 helpful? Thank you.



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The presence or lack of symptoms cannot reliably tell us whether the inflammation is controlled.
Enteral nutrition can be helpful and potentially complementary to other forms of treatment to manage Crohn’s disease.
I am not familiar with the literature dealing with Omega 3.


Dr. Brian Bressler


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