Question: Would you recommend omega 3 for children with Crohn's and if so how can we find "enteric coated omega 3"?

This study suggests enteric coated omega 3 may be helpful and I would like to know what brand of omega 3 is enteric coated or how can we determine that it is enteric coated?

This RCT of 38 children with Chron's Disease found that 3 g/day enteric coated omega 3 (Each capsule contained 400 mg/g EPA and 200 mg/g DHA) in addition to treatment with 5ASA or olive oil placebo and 5ASA. After one year, number of children (average age 10yrs) who relapse was significantly lower in the omega 3 group than the placebo, suggesting that omega 3 in addition to 5ASA may be effective in maintaining remission of pediatric Crohn's disease.

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Cristina Sutter

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This was not a study I was familiar with. Thank you for sharing. As this is the first I am hearing of this particular form of omega 3 and no regulatory agency (e.g. FDA, Health Canada, etc.) in the world has yet recommended this approach to treat children with Crohn's, I would not yet recommend this therapy. But, I am really excited to see more research on this promising therapy.

To find out which brands of omega 3 capsules are enteric coated, I would ask the pharmacist at your local pharmacy.


Dr. Brian Bressler


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