Question: What are the most common menstruation problems/conditions caused by Crohn's or UC?

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I notice personally 3 days before its "my time of the month" that I get very sick to the point where i cant stop puking and pooping. It can continue on and off for a few days. Than when my period does start i get heavy bleeding, passing lots of big clots, sever hulk-like rage and pain in my back and lower abdomen to the point where i have to hot water bottle it to feel any kind of relief.

What are the common menstruation problems and conditions caused by Crohn's and UC? How can I help my body and have it not be so debilitating when I'm sick?

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Kira Bell

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There are no specific menstrual disorders related to IBD. However we do have patient based reports that symptoms tend to get worse before their menses. The exact mechanism is not well known. I suspect there is something about the hormone changes that increases inflammation but there is minimal research in this area. I would recommend seeing a gynecologist first. If the gynecologist is not worried I would see your gastroenterologist and if there is a fecal calprotectin or fecal lactoferrin available in your health services area, measure it during those 3 bad days. If it is abnormal compared to your baseline level, then I suspect there really is increase inflammation in your bowel during those days.


Dr. Yvette Leung


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