Question: Collagenous colitis

Hi Dr. B;
I have several questions about collagenous colitis:
Can collagenous colitis have active inflammation without diarrhea?
Could active collagenous colitis generate flu-like symptoms (chills, heat spikes, general aches, low energy, all lasting weeks)?
Would a fecal calprotectin test help show whether collagenous colitis is active, as for Crohn's and ulcerative colitis?
Do you ever treat microscopic colitis with biologics, or only budesonide?
Thanks for hosting this site!
P.S. I second the notion to post more info about microscopic colitis.



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Diarrhea is the symptom associated with collagenous colitis. Collagenous colitis would not present with flu-like symptoms. It is not clearly known how likely a fecal cal result would be elevated with collagenous colitis.


Dr. Brian Bressler


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