Question: What are the issues related to eye infections/sight with UC?

I have had an ongoing eye infection ( was diagnosed as peri-orbital cellulitis) since April and have been on aggressive antibiotics (Oral) twice and tried 8 eye ointments ( prescribed) to date. The eye infection has improved, but still lingers daily. I am off to see my Doctor again ( as my eyes get blurry now sporadically) I have heard that there can be complications with the eyes when living with UC ( I am also on Humira), can you tell me what these complications may be. I know H comprises my system, but soooo reluctant to go off H, it is working really well for me and gave me a better quality of life for sure.
Could this infection be related to UC and do you have any thoughts on this ongoing infection for me?
Grateful for knowledge,
Kayak Spirit :)



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Inflammation of the eye (called Uveitis) is associated with UC. An infection of the eye would not be associated with UC. The use of Humira is associated with an increased risk of infections (which would include infections involving the eye).


Dr. Brian Bressler


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