Question: Blood Clots

Over the last several months, I've had bouts of short lived blood loss, sometimes with or without movement, sometimes every second day to moments where it's not seen for a week or so. Sometimes there is only blood loss (clotting) on the toilet paper, while other times it's both on the toilet paper and in the bowl (ranging from quite light to very heavy). I've chalked it up to hemmoroids, but it just concerns me because of the clotting. The last sigmoidoscopy I had was October 2015 and it showed mucosal healing. Sometimes I get stomach pain, but more of a burning sensation on the sides under my ribs. Can blood clots be a sign of something more?

Note: I had been a non-smoker for two years but started back up again and have been smoking for about a year now. Kind of scared to quit because last time I quit smoking I was diagnosed 6 months later with UC.


Andrea M.

IBD Advocate


Only way to be certain where bleeding is coming from would be to visualize the source, meaning another flexible sigmoidoscopy would be helpful.


Dr. Brian Bressler


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